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Words (almost) fail us … check out the images, we have never seen a lock as well engineered as this. Even the brass roller bolt has ball bearings instead of a sleeve bearing, (pat no 252565, 1926 ) these were made to last by Lockerbie and Wilkinson a company founded in Birmingham, England in the year 1876 and still in business until 2012. How old are they? Well the latest of the two patents is pat no 507662 which dates from 1939. The maximum number of years a patent can be in force is 20 years so the latest this can have been made is 1959 however patents have to be renewed annually so the date is not certain. We have no idea and we can’t even begin the guess how much something like this would cost off the shelf today. Even more incredibly we have 6 of these beauties awaiting new keys in our workshop and they will be added to the listing as time allows. Supplied complete with either handed strike plate, suitable for left or right hung doors